# Changes in 2.2
  1. More bug fixes
# Changes in 2.1
  1. Bug fixes
# Changes in 2.0 release 2
  1. Added WordPress plugin support.
  2. Bug fixes
# Changes in 2.0 release 1
  1. Added "description".
  2. Rewrite of multiple parts, review several features.
  3. Changed the XML output, now using RSS 1.0 with fpalbum extension, standard for the extension is not written yet.
  4. Changed management part, can now modify multiple description in batch, can also change counter value.
  5. Allow multiple sorting method, as well as sorting the files manually.
  6. Rewrite part of INSTALL and UPGRADE text.
# Changes in 1.0 beta
  1. fixed a bug where files are not sorted as expected
  2. handle special characters like "&" in description. (definitely a bug..)
  3. search for .THM files for all kind of movies (.mpg, .avi and .mov)
  4. "code key" introduced
  5. added a document page in admin section.(missed in the last version)
# Changes in 0.7 beta
  1. handle sorting of photos from nokia phone (put .jpg before (xxx).jpg).
  2. fix the text color when exif is viewed.
  3. fixed a bug where thumbnails fail to show if register_global is off.
  4. fixed the same bug happens when viewing exif info.
  5. fixed default style which makes private album fails in windows.
  6. added very little explaination in installion progress.
  7. added a document page in admin section.
  8. added document on private album feature in document page.
  9. added version number in xml output, default style changed to show the version number
  10. default style changed to hide page navigation if there is only one page.
# Changes in 0.5 beta
First release
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